Android has PC

Android has PC

2018 2018 PC Football Football came already to the android version and continue to entertain users

it is a traditional game that is now available for Android, PC Football 2018 is available on the Google Play Store, with its unmistakable style of manager with Michael Robinson to lend their image as always.

Android has PC
Android has PC

You can download on your Android pc 2018 football
Is a simple game, known, with many supporters, it is fashionable, to be held this year the World Futbo, 2018, Android offers you a game for the enjoyment of all lovers of soccer.
And especially directed for all those who enjoy with the administration to detail of their equipment. Yes, PC Soccer 18 does not include licenses, so that neither shields nor the Logos nor the players are real. Without that being an excuse not to have fun on the basis of well: retains the same essence of yesteryear updated to the current time.

As the game’s interface is identical to the PC Football 2001.

You should know that some phases remain the same, as the game’s interface is identical to the PC Football 2001. Michael Robinson will be the front cover of the game, something that left to do in the latest versions that came onto the market, which did not Dimamic Multimedia.
PC Soccer 2018 will be a game of payment in both Android and PC, although with a price well below normal. This means that aside the model free-to-play so popular in mobile games lately, trying to make safety with fans who want to have a complete game from start to finish. To add more interest, will be cross-platform capable, so you can continue playing your game regardless of whether you do it from your smartphone or from your computer.

Game details

Some details of the new PC Football 2018 is that it has nine playable leagues, including the Spanish, the same van without names or royal crests, with the possibility of offering home and car and the best thing is that it is available for Android in November.

Everything is still very reserved, but the PC 18 Football offers everything you would expect from a football manager in your pocket. simulator manager is aware of nothing. Without that we can play physically parties: only focuses on the administration of the equipment. If it would have been nice a graphical representation of the meetings on the lawn, even if it was in the form of board with numbers in motion.

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