Some applications ideal to celebrate Christmas

Some applications ideal to celebrate Christmas

With them you can surprise your friends and your family, we hope you diiertas with them and you get the best out

Some applications ideal to celebrate Christmas
Some applications ideal to celebrate Christmas


An app for the invisible friend, a classic Christmas

Christmas this application to perform the draw of the invisible friend anonymously is very easy to use. With 4 simple steps, each user receives the name of who you should give this year.

The latest addition to this app is that each participant can choose which people do not want them in the drawing. is available in many languages: Spanish, German, Catalan, French, English, Italian and Portuguese.

Organize the gifts with an application of Christmas is easier

To keep track of all the Christmas gifts, has been created Christmas Gift List (List of Christmas Gifts), available for Android.

Optimizes the decoration of your Christmas tree with an app

Perfect Christmas Tree or Perfect Christmas Tree.

This application for Christmas It works like a calculator that, based on the data from the size of the tree and using trigonometric formulae, determines the exact number of garlands and balls, the centimeters of tinsel, lights and even the size of the star or angel that crown the tree.

The calculator is especially useful for the fir trees of great size, like the ones we see on the streets of large cities, squares or large shopping centers. Although it is geared for home use.

With free Christmas applications such as this, you make sure you save. As optimizaras in the purchase of the decorative elements for your tree. In addition, is available for both iOS and Android.

Night of peace

the company Shackleton launched an application to Yeeply we love and we wanted to include in this list. With the app Night of Peace, you will be able to avoid start discussions on policy: Your smartphone will detect the forbidden words related to this topic and start a new conversation

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